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I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 2007. With over 15 years in the salon industry, I have a lot of experience to offer my clients. I have been specializing in full body waxing since 2009. Waxing and skin care education are my passion and I will always provide the attention to detail and quality services that I would like to receive myself.

I started Mirmaid Waxing Studio in March of 2019. It has always been a dream of mine to have my own business. . . . .  is there anyone out there that DOESN'T want to be there own boss??


At Mirmaid Waxing Studio, I specialize in giving each of my clients that smooth look they've been wanting.  Some people are hesitant to be waxed as they are concerned that it may hurt too much, but it's really not that bad! (trust me, I don't even own a razor, so I'm letting you know from experience) In all reality, it’s best compared with pulling off a bandaid, and honestly, it's so worth it. Waxing will leave you with that nice smooth feeling so much longer than shaving (with no uncomfortable razor burn) and you won't have to worry about that awful smell that hair removal creams leave behind.  Waxing is one of those things that gets easier over time, so I highly suggest getting your service done regularly.  

Do yourself a favor and reach out today to schedule your first (or next) appointment. You won’t regret it! I know you won't find a place that will provide you with better care and quality services than you will find at Mirmaid Waxing Studio.



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