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Brazilian Wax

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For some women when their first hear the term 'Brazilian Wax' they might be a little hesitant to try it out. This is generally because at first thought they may be a little concerned that this technique might be a little painful, not to mention uncovering yourself. However, rest assured that getting waxed is not at all as scary as it may sound at first. Especially with the care and openness you receive from Miranda at Mirmaid Waxing Studio. 

However, this info is for those of you who haven't had a Brazilian wax previously, or who don't have any idea what a Brazilian wax is. To keep it short and simple, a Brazilian wax is a procedure of waxing off the entirety of your pubic hair, back, and front. A Brazilian wax is not quite the same as a Bikini wax or a French wax which takes off just the sides around your Bikini line.

Why Should I Get a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian wax is an excellent option in contrast to shaving. Everyone dislikes shaving, so this is one valid justification. Another advantage is that your skin will feel smoother for a longer period of time. This is because the hair is expelled from the follicle (or the root) rather than being trimmed at the skin level. A Brazilian can keep your skin smoother for about 2-4 weeks and the more often you come in for a wax, the softer your skin will remain and the easier it will become.

What Are the Advantages of Brazilian Waxing?

  • Your special someone will be appreciative

  • You feel silky, clean, and smooth 

  • Enhances Intimacy 

  • Lasts between ten days and three weeks


Bikini Wax - Brazilian and Intimate Area Waxing 

The Bikini and Brazilian wax are more well-known today. While a few ladies may even now keep a distance from Bikini waxing, instead choosing to attempt to shave with a razor, a lot more are diving in and going right with the Brazilian wax. 

Bikini waxing generally removes just the hair that is obvious around the Bikini region. Brazilian waxing is a strategy for hair removal that expels the entirety of the hair from the genital area.

While Bikini wax stays well known, a Brazilian wax is the most ideal approach to accomplish a smooth, erotic clean look around the Bikini region. Customarily Bikini waxing includes the use of warm wax to the area around the Bikini line. Fabric or cloth is placed on top of the wax and, after drying for a moment, removed very quickly along with all the hair in that region.

What Type of Wax Does European Wax Use?

A European wax consists of a hard wax, following a four-advance procedure: Protect, Cleanse, Wax, and Rejuvenate. The pre-wax chemical expels cosmetics, oil, or salve from your skin. At that point, your professional will apply pre-wax oil to ensure the wax adheres to those annoying hairs and not your skin. 

Thong Wax

In case you're keen on wearing thongs in the late spring season, you've likely known about getting a Brazilian to wear this in style. A Brazilian wax will definitely help with this.

Wearing thongs normally expects you to get a Bikini wax. Some pick customary kinds of shaving, cutting, and a moderate kind of waxing that doesn't require the butt hair to be taken off. In any case, with a Brazilian wax, everything must go. 

However, the labia part merits a break, so a few ladies have a decision of keeping the hair on the inward part of the pubic area flawless. The boundaries would have everything pulled off, and indeed, at times with a tweezer.

Why Should You Get a Brazilian Bikini Wax?

The Brazilian Bikini waxing is also called the thong wax, Playbox wax, or Hollywood Wax. It is a must requirement complete for modern ladies. It is currently so well known that Brazilian wax salons are spreading all around the world. Look at a part of its advantages: 

1: Having the privilege and the longing to flaunt your body to the world - After getting a Brazilian Bikini wax, you will have the option to rests on the seashore with any sort of swimming outfit you feel will like wearing, your smooth Bikini area will glance extraordinary in any swimming outfit. 

2: Feeling free - The Brazilian Bikini wax concedes the lady another inclination - a free, relaxing one. As a rule, the self-assurance of the lady increases and she feels a lot more joyful. 

3: Improving your intimate life - A Brazilian Bikini wax will bring your intimate life one stage forward. 

4: It is genuine - All different techniques for expelling pubic hair will consistently leave some hair. Brazilian Bikini wax is a FULL pubic hair removal. 

5: Done by a professional- Unlike other hair removal techniques for the pubic hair and the Bikini region the Brazilian Bikini wax must be done by experts. 

6: Smooth and silky- Your Bikini area will remain smooth and silky between 10 days and two weeks with no additional touch up required.

It will make you feel more provocative.  In the wake of becoming acclimated to the uneasiness (some even say torment), you may become dependent on it. The result is so good that it's worth 30 minutes of torment. Our recommendation to you is to pull out all the stops. Try it once. You won't think twice about it. A Brazilian Bikini wax will make you feel much better. 

Where Can I Get a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian Bikini wax should be done by the experts at Mirmaid Waxing Studio. They are professional and will take care of you the right way, the first time.  

2260 N Fairfield Rd Suite 23, Beavercreek, OH 45431, USA

(937) 815-2671

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