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For some women when they first hear the term 'Brazilian Wax' they might be a little hesitant to try it out. This is generally because at first you think "this is gonna hurt, and I'm gonna be naked" . However, rest assured that getting waxed is not at all as scary as it may sound. I am here to discuss your concerns and we can make sure you are as comfortable as possible!

A Brazilian wax is a procedure of waxing off the entirety of your pubic hair, back, and front. A Brazilian wax is not quite the same as a Bikini wax or a French wax which takes off just the sides around your Bikini line.

Why Should I Get a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian wax is an excellent option in contrast to shaving. Everyone dislikes shaving, so this is one valid justification. Another advantage is that your skin will feel smoother for a longer period of time. This is because the hair is expelled from the follicle (or the root) rather than being trimmed at the skin level. A Brazilian can keep your skin smoother for about 2-4 weeks and the more often you come in for a wax, the softer your skin will remain and the easier it will become.

What Are the Advantages of Brazilian Waxing?

  • Your special someone will be appreciative

  • You feel silky, clean, and smooth 

  • Enhances Intimacy 

  • Lasts between ten days and three weeks


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