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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my hair need to be?

Your hair should be no less than 1/4 inch long, or about the length on a grain of rice.  For most areas of the body, this is 2 weeks from the last time you shaved.  If you are able to grab it with your fingertips (not your nails), it should be long enough.

Should I trim if my hair is longer than that?

No!  You don't want to risk trimming your hair too short.  Leave it be to ensure smooth results.

Does it hurt?

Honestly, the first time you are waxed, each strip causes a quick sting.  I apply pressure immediately after to ease the ouch.  Making sure you are properly hydrated and moisturized before your wax can help.  I also recommend laying of the caffeine and alcohol the day leading up to your appointment.  Taking a couple of ibuprofen about 45 minutes before your wax can ease the pain as well.

How long does it last?

For areas that grow more quickly, such as underarms, you can expect to wax about every 2-4 weeks.  For bikini waxes, a typical routine is around 4-6 weeks.

What can I do to ensure the best results?

Your skin care habits at home are essential to guaranteeing happy, healthy skin.  You should exfoliate regularly to help prevent ingrowns.  Waxing consistently will cause your hair to grow in finer and thinner.  These softer hairs need a little bit of help coming back through the surface of your skin.  Using a sugar scrub and boar bristle brush or konjac sponge in the shower can greatly reduce ingrown hairs.

Can I get waxed while I'm on my period?

Yes!  You will just need to wear a tampon or menstrual disc during your service. 

Can I get waxed while pregnant?

Absolutely!  While increased hormones and bloodflow to the area can increase sensitivity, there is no harm in waxing during pregnancy.

What about aftercare?

I recommend avoiding anything that causes excessive sweating or friction the day of your wax.  Your pores are open after a wax and need to be protected.  Skip the gym or "play time" till the next day.

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